Monday, February 23, 2015

Tip #4: Don’t ask your friends to sell . Ask for a referral instead.

Don’t listen to trainers who demand that you “make your list of 100 closest contacts and start calling to share this wonderful and amazing business opportunity with them!” They’re asking you to trade in the friendships you have built over decades for a few quick bucks.

The dream of financial freedom is as American as apple pie. Sa mga kaibigan mo na sumali sa'yo gusto na nilang maniwalang ito na 'yon. Pero nag-fail sila. Ito 'yung na-feel nilang parang naabuso sila. Naniwala sila, pumasok o nag-join, at don nila nalaman na hindi sila makakapagbenta o maka-build ng sarili nilang network. Dito na sila magagalit sa sarili nila, at magagalit narin sila sa'yo. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this. I must have had a stupid moment.” Nangyayari 'to.

Base sa survey ni Kim Klaver na:  Why their friends had said "No" to the business opportunity. Over 100 networkers from 50 different companies responded. 47% reported that their friends said "No" to the business because: “I can’t sell.” Another 26% said, “I won’t sell to my friends” or “I won’t pressure my friends to sell.” That’s 73% who can’t or don’t want to sell. So, why subject yourself to that level of rejection? And why subject your friends to the unpleasant task of saying No" to you?

"They trusted, bought in, then discovered that they can’t sell. They get mad at themselves, then they get mad at you."

Sa halip ay humingi ng referral doon sa mga taong mahilig magbenta o gustong magbenta: “Do you know anyone who likes to sell and who might be looking for something like this?”

Kapag ayaw move on, kapag gusto tiyak magtatanong yan sa'yo kung paano. Doon mo na ipapakita ang good news patungkol sa opportunity mo ng walang pamimilit at walang mga pangakong yayaman sila kung sila ay sumali sa'yo. At ito pa, h'wag mo rin tanungin ang customer na magbenta. Gaya rin sila ng iba na ayaw din magbenta. Pwede mo silang tanungin o hingan ng referral. Kung sila man ay interesado, sila na mismo ang magtatanong sa'yo, promise. Kung sila naman ay bumibili ng produkto sa'yo, pagkatiwalaan mo sila.

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courtesy: Kim Klaver, Author of Friends, Lies and Network Marketing; photos: grabbed from google

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